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  Back to the normal narration.

  "So let me get this straight; to get in, we just say the Code?" said Karen.
   "Yes", Aizen said. "Good luck!"

   The group said good-bye, and walked to the castle at the top of the hill.

   It was a cold night. Abi pulled her jacket closer to her body. Unfortunately, the others weren't wearing jackets.

   "It's so cold up here!" Karen stated. The others nodded in agreement,

   Jacob laughed. "HA HA! You're all cold, and I was like 'oooh I can't feel a thing'! " Jacob said. Harry zapped him with his wand. Abi squirted her vampire poison directly into Jacob's eyes. Hana threw her tricycle at him. David punched him (OW! Dang! I broke it!). Sakura poked him with her chopsticks. And..yeah..

  "OK, seriously STOP!" Jacob screamed.

   Poor Jacob. Not that I care..

  Rukia pointed at the castle door. "Look!"
  Everyone looked up and saw Batrisyia and Nik furiously hitting someone with swords.

 Karen, Abi, David, Sakura and Hana gasped. "It's Jared"
 Hana gasped "It's Nik!"
 Everybody yelled "It's Batrisyia!"

 "Guys! HELP!" Batrisyia yelled. Nik blindly slashed her sword out, hitting the air.

 "DIE JARED!" Nik yelled.

 Batrisyia looked at the group, she nodded as a sigh to get ready to fight.

"Nik, please stay away now, I'm sorry" Batrisyia said.

"Aw.." Nik said disappointingly. She walked over to the others.

" Hey Hana" She greeted half-heartedly.

"Uh..hi.." Hana replied.

" Guys, let's fight!" Batrisyia cried

                                      1 HOURS LATER OF FULL OF FIGHTING

"I'm getting bored," Jared moaned.

"Yeah, me too" Abi stopped stabbing him.


Abi reached out her hand and...BAM! She flipped him over with one hand. Jared landed flat on his back.

"Die!" Abi screeched, surprisingly enthusiastic. She then stabbed him with her vampire knife "Yay! I re-killed him!"

                                      THE SECOND DEATH OF JARED
                                               (By the same girl)

  "Good job!" someone said it was..

  "CORY!? What are you doing here?"

  Cory was the founder of the Vampire Civilization Group. He walked over, careful not to step on Jared's body. "It turned out you don't kill him right last time. But now you caught him".

   "And turned out I am very lucky to see a vegetarian vampire as well!" Cory said.

  "It's a pleasure Sir" Edward replied. Bella and Alice just smiled.

  "Yipee!" said Alice. "Now we can can PARTEHH!!"
   " Yay!" Jacob cried.

   "Wait!" Hana cried suddenly "Why did Sasuke kidnap Batrisyia and Domo in the first place?"

   Like a diligent school student, Nik raised her hand. "He was losing popularity among the other villains. So he thought if he kidnapped an innocent little girl and a helpless cute animal-thingy, he'd boost his evilness!"

   Everyone shook his head. "That's just pathetic" Karen added.

  "LET'S PARTEH!!!! OH YEAH IT'S 23RD SEPTEMBER!!!" Batrisyia cried while everybody stared at her.

  "Err..we forgot your birthday was today.." Everybody said. Batrisyia shook her head.

  "Who cares? Let's parteh!" Batrisyia continued. Harry turned Jared's body into bog speakers. A song came on; it sounded like..
   "PARTY ROCK ANTHEM!" Nik squealed. "My favorite!" she started shuffling enthusiastically. Everyone else started shuffling. Except Edward, coz he's boring.

   So they had a blast..too much of a blast.. I think. Thank God, Nik had tied Sasuke TIGHTLY on a pillar.
  I guess i should stop now, so THE END!!

 P.S: D.R.I.P (Don't Rest In Peace), Jared! ~Love, Abi~

                                                 ~ THE END~ 

Chapter 16


 Batrisyia's Narration:-

  It's time that I have to defeat Sasuke. He pissed me off. And NOBODY, I mean NOBODY CAN PISS ME OFF. If I get pissed off...you know what happen.CHAOS.

 That's it! I was thrown back into the dungeon AGAIN! That PISSES ME OFF. My stomach is grumbling like hell. I miss Hana and her gang. I don't know why the hell Sasuke captured me for that fact.


 "Mom, I'll be at the park!" I shouted at my mom.
 "Make sure you come back before 7!" My mom yelled back.
 "Yeah mum, sure thing!" I yelled back. It's been weeks that I've never been to the park. I just wanted to relax my mind off after the exams.
I ride my bike to the public park. I parked my bike at bike's parking place and lock it with a spell. I ran to my favorite spot; it's the Rose Garden. It was built after my mom gave birth to me and ever since, that place where I go often.

 I walked towards the garden with my MP3 on my pocket and a new novel that my uncle posted me. I wish Hana came, I could make her go with me.

 The garden was a small one, with all the colorful roses everywhere. I just love roses,  especially blue roses. I sat on a bench and started to read the book. Suddenly, I look on the left side of me and there was a black figure holding something. I hated this, I hate the outfit he was wearing. My brain started yelling to me to run and I ran. I ran and ran and ran till I reached my bike. And all of a sudden..

 The black figure is behind me. I chanted the spell to unlock my bike and rode it. I pedaled it very fast, but the black figure was behind me. I ignored him and kept pedaling.
 Yes! I had reached my house! There's no way the guy's going to catch me, I thought. I ran inside the house and ran until I reached my room. I opened my room door and sat on my bed opening my laptop.
 When I was about to open Chatroom Chaos, a black smoke started to form in the center of my room. I know this smoke; it's a teleporting smoke. The Black figure emerged. "Come with me!" the figure stormed.

  I know this would happened! "or..I'll kill Hana!", the voice said holding out a picture of Hana and teared it up. I was crying, I couldn't let that jerk have Hana! I typed "Help me!" very fast on the laptop before he could reach me, I typed Abi and send it.

 The figure was behind me, really behind me. I turned around and I choked out the words that Belle from Beauty and The Beast part when she gave herself to The Beast to save her father. "Take me instead!".

  The black smoke thickens as my hands are bonded with an unknown kind of spell. I faded away with the figure as a drop of my tears touched my room's floor.

                                             END OF FLASHBACK

  "That's IT! I'M GETTING MYSELF OUT FROM THIS STUPID DUNGEON!" My voice thundered inside my brain. Once more I try a transform spell that I read from spell books.
                                         THE FAIRY OF LIGHT SPELL
  I remembered all the process needed to make this spell. The spell only been used for having the ultimate light spell. It's different from other elements such as water, earth, fire and spirit.
 I pricked my finger, blood started to ooze from my finger. I scanned the whole dungeon of any signs of Sasuke or guards. I seen no one so far so let's get started.

 I drew with my pricked finger a light fairy holding the Light torch on the floor. After I've done that I chanted

                 "Oh luz de luz, las estrellas de la noche, Sé el fuerte como un caballero!"

 Ray of light started to shine from the picture, my outfit started changing. The spell worked! A sword started to formed and floated on the picture. I took the sword and slashed the bars of steel. Great! A sword that can break metal.
  My outfit was completely different from any spell. I was wearing a white loose and long blouse with long sleeves. There was golden embroideries of the sun at the bottom left side of the blouse. I took out a compact mirror and I say my eyes. It has changed color! My eyes aren't dark brown it's gold!

  I walked out from the dungeon with my new sword on my right hand. I walk and I saw Sasuke in front of me. His red eyes are furious on me. I flash my swords and he draws his sword too. I started fighting and fighting until...

   "Oooh Sasuke!! Do you need any help...heeheehee" A cheeky voice said. Wait that voice is Nik's! I turned and saw..NIK!

  "OH MY GOD NIK WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON!" I screamed. How in the world this #1 student in my class is in here?

  "Hey, how'd you get here?" I asked Nik.
  " She's my servant." Sasuke replied.
  " Nik! put the prisoners back inside her cell!" Sasuke ordered.

  " Wait, wait,wait!" Nik said. "Your servant? YOUR SERVANT? THAT'S IT I'M ON BATRISYIA'S SIDE!" Nik yelled and punch him in the face, knocking him out.

   I stared at Nik.

  "Soo looong, loser!" Nik made an 'L' with her finger and stuck her tongue out. She grabbed my hand and dragged me (literally) out of the dungeon and up a flight of stairs.

   "WE'RE GOING TO BE BEST PARTNERS!" Nik announced, and led me into a very large hallway with swords and other Japanese weapons. I had no idea Uchiha Sasuke was so rich!

  "Come on" Nik urged, and took her up a carpeted staircase. Just then..


  Nik skidded to a stop, and I stood still. I look at the person which is halting us. Wait! That guy...is

  I gasped. How in the world that guy be alive!? Abi had killed him..?
  I remembered about the time when Abi said that Jared can read minds like Edward. Oh shoot! I'd better keep my mind clear.
  Nik looked back at Jared. "Let us pass," she ordered.
 Jared glared at Nik "What are you going to do with the prisoner?"

 "Sasuke ordered me to take her to the Torture Chamber.Now." Nik told him. I saw her expressions trying to hide her minds clear. I have to act miserable I told my heard.
  "You sure?" Jared asked, glaring at me.

It's time people...
  "Duh~ I'm gonna be tortured to death and my parents would be crying like hell bla bla bla my life sucks" I acted trying to visualize my mind with dead bodies, grim reapers and etc.

  Jared looked green. "Please- do NOT think of dead bodies they are super gross"

  Nik rolled her brown eyes. "Will you just let us pass already, I don't want my salary to be cut ,again!".

 "Sure, you can pass" Jared grin as he heard what Nik says then shot me a glare. I tried my best to think about the I'm Sexy and I know it music video. Jared looked away.

 Nik smiled, and skipped up the stairs.

                                                   Dum de dum dee dum,
                                                       My name is Nik,
                                                    Tra la la la la la la la,
                                                      I like waffles and
                                               And I like rabbits, too!
                                                Dum de dum dee dum
 That was the Nik Song.

 "Let's go, let's go" Nik sang and rushed to the front door. This is it! I'm going to free myself! Nik pushed the door but failed.

                                                  TO OPEN THIS DOOR,
                                                  SAY THE PASSWORD
Nik looked nervous "Uh..open sasame?"
                                                 DO YOU NEED A HINT?

"Yes!" Nik said eagerly.

 "Chaos? What does that mean?" Nik look defeated.

 "I think I know how!" I whispered to Nik. Nik gave me a nod.

 "Is it the old code or the new code?" I asked.

                                                     THE NEW ONE!

 I stared at the door, Hana did change the code of the Chatroom Chaos. Bummer! She didn't do it without me. I stood in front of the door.

                                     "Life; the most puzzling gift for mankind.
                                       More amazing than the human's mind,
                                         Ice gets wetter, the more it dries,
                                                 Silently the clouds cry,
                                              We are the creation of Day,
                                                  Once it's over the night
                                                   comes for a short stay,
                                                      This is the code!!!" 

 The doors opened for us. We were free.


Both girls turned to see a very angry Jared.


Original work: The Great B.A.S
Note: Don't worry, they'll make it out alive!

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Chapter 15

 As soon as Domo said his name, everybody opened their jaw except for that Potter dude.

   "What happened actually?" Harry asked.
    "Batrisyia is like our friend and she's been kidnapped" Karen explained.
    "By whom?" Harry asked.
   Everybody moaned. "By Uchiha Sasuke, of course" Rukia rolled her eyes. Edward had completed fixing his car as he walks back to the group. "I know he had done it!" Edward snapped.

   "Hey, why don't we ask Edward in the first place, after all he can read people's mind right?" Abi suggested.
   "Yeah... Hey Harry..can do me a favor?" Jacob asked Harry.
   "What is it?"
   " Can you clean my hands and unstuck my hand from this both girls" Jacob said as he pointed out an angry Abi and restless Hana.
   "Sure..." Harry nodded slowly trying not to laugh. He waved his wand and POOF! Jacob's hand is unstuck and came out sparkly clean.
   "Thanks wiz" Jacob said cheerfully while waving his free hand in front of his eye, unbelievable.
   "Your at most welcome" Harry said.
  " What is THAT!?" Domo pointed at a giant yellow bus that stopped in front of them. Then......

                .....Alice Cullen hopped out.

  "HEY!!!" She greeted.

    Abi screamed in frustration. "Why ARE THERE SO MUCH VAMPIRES!? I hate this! HATE HATE
                                             HATE VAMPIRES"

  Abi was so mad she kicked a wall.. actually Edward's Volvo. The Volvo fell over and KA-BA-BOOM!!!

   "Duck!" David ordered, as a chunk of Metal flew past him. Edward simply stared as his precious car was blown to bits..

      "My...car.." he spoke, his lips quivering.

    Surprisingly, Abi felt..guilty. She awkwardly patted his back.. "Hey, Ed, I'm..." Abi couldn't believe what she was about to say "..sorry, OK?"

    Edward didn't answer nor look at her.


 Everyone ignored her.

 "Ha ha ! Edward merajuk!" Hana whispered into Abi's ear.
   "Shut up."
   " Go on make him feel better, Say you're sorry!" Sakura whispered.
   " Say you're sorry that face of an angel comes out just when you needed too.." David sang.
   "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR DAVID?" Abi yelled off and soft punch David (Ow...)

    " You could do what Batrisyia does!" Domo suggested. " She hugs them so tightly it suffocates them and they will be so worried that they'll die and they instantly forgives her!" Domo said.

    Abi's jaw dropped. Bella screamed. "NO! Edward's mine! ALL MINE!"
   "I don't want your personal disco ball anyway." Abi told her. "Let alone hug him"
   " Kiss him!" said and does kissing sounds.
   Bella started to throw a fit; screaming and stomp on the floor. "NO ONE TOUCHES MY EDDY!!!NO ONE EXCEPT ME! ME, ME, ME!"
Sakura yelled throwing a harsh tantrum to everybody.
    Everybody stop and stares at the angry Sakura. Everybody stared at her quietly. Spontaneously, Sakura asked, "Where is Alice?".

    "Here I am!!". Alice walked to them with 3 shopping bags in each hands. Alice teetered over them (like a ladybug).She was also singing.

  La la la la!
                                                                          I love shopping!
                                                                              La la la la!
                                                                          I love parties!
                                                              I knew all of this would happen,
                                                       'Cos I'm a girl who cab see the future,
                                                                            I'm so cool!
                                                                              Yay me! 

   "Oh my wands, she's annoying!" Harry commented. "I'd rather kiss Voldemort than be with her!" Harry confessed.
   " Ew..." everyone said in disgust.
  " Eew! Voldemort has really bad taste in clothes!" Alice remarked, purposely stepping on Harry's toes. "That's for calling me annoying!"
  " Can we search Batrisyia now, I'm hungry.." Karen complained.
  " You can eat my tricycle.."
  " OK, sure..DO you have cheese sauce?" Karen asked.
  " No! Eat with Teriyaki!!" Rukia insisted.
  Abi and the others boarded Alice's bus while Hana, Karen and Rukia argued. "Guys, come on now! We don't want to be late for action!" Sakura yelled. The 3 of then boarded the bus.
                                                     " WOAH!" 
 The bus was huge, wired velvet seats  and a disco ball hanging from the top. At the back, there was a buffet with all sorts of food. Loud pop music was blaring from the speakers. There was even a little butler. A waffle butler.

  " Take your seats ladies and gentlemen!" Waffle said.
  " WAFFLES!" Sakura screamed. She as about to jump forward and eat him, but Abi and David pulled her back just in time. 
     Alice shook her head. "Please don't eat my personal butler," she pleade, and took a seat. So did the others.
   " Sorry," Abi apologized to the butler, who simply scowled at her.
   " My Volvo was better," Edwad sulked.
    Harry aimed his want at Edward. Then paused. "I don't know why, but you remind me of Cedric Digory"

   Edward frowned "Who?"

   Harry shook his head.

  Abi stared at the window as the sky starts to rain. "Who's driving" she wondered out loud.

  Alice crossed her legs and slipped off her super 12-inch high heels as she put on some lipstick. "It's automatic-waffle programmed it to drive us all the way to-" then she stopped.
  Everyone else turned to her, because they knew it too.

  Where was Batrisyia?

  1. Sasuke's house
  2. Uh...
 "Domo?" Hana asked
 " Yeah?"
 " Where is Batrisyia?"

 Domo pondered about this "Uh.. I don't exact know the exact location, but I remembered that we were taken to a castle."

  "A castle?"
 " Yeah. And when I escaped, I passed by a sign on the road. it said....

                                        DEAD END TOWN"

   "Dead end town? I have a friend living there! His name is Sousuke Aizen..let me check if he's around" Rukia said as she slide open her Iphone. 

   "Put in loudspeaker.." Alice said.
   " Hello?" A deep voice said
  "Hey Aizen, do you find any mysterious people that have been captured by Sasuke? "
  " Uchiha Sasuke eh? Yeah I saw him bringing a scarfed girl and a plushie toy into his castle lately"
   "The girl is actually Batrisyia! Our friend!" Rukia said.
   "Well, if that's the case come to my mansion first, we'll talk it out" Aizen said.
  " Thanks a lot Aizen-kun" Rukia said.
  "Your utmost welcome Kuchiki-san" Aizen replied and ended the call.

                                          2 HOURS LATER...

Abi: Restless
Hana: Sleepy
Sakura: Hungry
David: Bored (Alice is not "interested"..wink)
Alice: Annoyed by David
Rukia: Anxious 
Domo: Hyper (IloveCandyandRainbowsTALKINGTOM2)
Edward: Suddenly likes caramel (looks at Abi)
Bella: Who cares..

                                  THIS IS CHAOS!!!

Original work: Medemoiselle Unknown
Typed and edited by: The Great B.A.S
Note: Please read..bye and I'm hungry..I'm so awesome..


Chapter 14

    What happens when you mix 4 human kids, ,1 teen girl, 1 Super-Famous Japanese actress, 2 vampires, 1 werewolf and 1 wizard"

     Chaos-duh. I can't believe you didn't know that.
      Imagine all of the, sitting together in one Volvo.


     "OK, who's on my foot?" Karen asked, squeezing her head between Rukia's and Harry's arms. "Sorry," David replied moving his aching arms and accidentally punching Edward in the face. "OW!" they both yelled. as Edward lost control of the car.

     The Volvo skidded off-road. Sakura screamed Hana slapped her. "Don't scream into my ears!" she snapped-
      - just as the Volvo crashed into a tree.
      The windows smashed, and there was big dent in the side causing the others to get even more squashed.

     "OK, EVERYBODY GET OUT FROM MY CAR! NOW!" Edward growled loudly. And so, everybody gets out from the car silently as Edward fix the smashed car.

       "Woah, it's already twilight, and it's getting colder" Harry said as he wave his wand to make a campfire in the middle of themselves. Everybody stood still as the cold wind brushes them. The silent broke off  when this happened.

        "SAKURA! DAVID! ABI! RUKIA! EDWARD! HANA! IS THERE ANYBODY HERE!" a voice yelled. All heads turned to see..

        "Domo!" Sakura cried, and ran and hugged him. "I'll never let go of you again!"
        "Ew.." the others said.
        "Batrisyia... " Domo gasped. Everyone stared at him.
        "Who's Batrisyia?" Harry asked.
        "What is it!? What about Batrisyia!?" Rukia asked.
        " He kidnapped her!"
        " WHO!?"
        Domo stopped for a breathe.
Everyone stared at Domo, shocked.

                                              THIS IS CHAOS!!!

Original work: Mademoiselle Unknown
Typed and Edited by: The Great B.A.S




Chapter 13

         "Strange..very verry strange" Hana muttered.
         "I don't see a thing!" Edward cried.
         "Shut up or I'll kill Bella!" Abi threatened.
    Edward stared at Abi with his cold stare then looks away.They were all investigating at Sakura's house for clues on Domo's kidnapping. Hopefully, it might have a connection to Batrisyia, too.
        "Look here," Hana said

      "I still-" Edward began, but Abi silenced him with a glare. She held up a picture of a Bella and cut it up with a pair of scissors. Edward stared at the cut-up picture, controlling his anger.

        "Guys, look here I found a black clothe at the backyard!" Rukia shouted holding out a strip of a black fabric with a pair of clippers. "Maybe it belonged to the kidnapper!".

        Everyone started to gather around Hana. Abi picked it up and stored in a sealed plastic bag."I'll analyse it later " Abi said. Then she turned to Edward who was sniffing the air.
       "What? Are you hungry, Oh NO! NO ONE'S DRINKING MY BLOOD!" Abi protested.
       " Ew, no, I hate caramel." Edward cried, disgusted. He continued sniffing the air "It smells like-"
        Hana and Abi stare at him expectantly.

        "JACOB!" he..screamed...seriously
        "Iwasn'tpeeinginthebushesDON'TKILLME!" was the reply. Abi buried her face in her hand.
        "Not another Twilight person!" she groaned.

      Jacob Black emerged from behind a bush, blushing. "I know it smells gross, but it's not what it looks like.."
     "Ew! My auntie's Twilight crush pees in bushes!" Hana yelled. "Ew! Ew! Ew-"

   That was when someone else came in...


       Hana screamed.
       Abi groaned.
       Edward gasped.

       It was...

       "BELLA!" Edward screamed (again!) Ans then he ran to her and..yeah..
       "Don't look!" Jacob warned, and ran over and covered Hana and Abi's eyes
       "Aaargh! HE'S PUTTING HIS DIRTY HANDS ON OUR FACES!" they both screamed.

      Jacob gasped, realizing what he had done "Oh my God, I am so SORRY". "Get your hands off me, you stupid FUR BALL!" Abi yelled.
      Jacob was about to remove his hands but..." Oh no"

       "They're stuck"
       "YOUR PEE HANDS ON OUR FACES !?" Hana screeched . Abi vomited.
       "What's going on here?" asked...

         .......Harry Potter


Original work: Mademoiselle Unknown
Typed and edited by: The Great B.A.S
Note: Selamat Hari Natal!

Chapter 12

                                                         "We have to escape!"

      Batrisyia clutched the bars of her prison cell. Beside the prison..Domo..sighed.

                             "How? No way Sakura will save us -all she does is think about Sasuke"
"What about Hana? Or Abi? Oooh!Oooh! EDWARD!!" Batrisyia jumped up and down in delight. "Edward! Edward!"

                                 "You as psycho as Mak Limah", Domo commented "No-worse"
                                                            "You as cranky as Sasuke!"
                                   "Well, that's because were LOCKED UP IN A PRISON!!"  

    Batrisyia stuck her tongue out. "Fat-Domo!"

  "Cotton,cotton, cotton"
 "Shut up!"
 "You shut up, first!"
 "OK, fine!"

       Just the, the dungeon door creaked open. Batrisyia held her breath as she heard footsteps coming closer.
      Then, a HOODED FIGURE stood in front of her. Batrisyia just stared at the figure with a cold stare. Then the figure spoke.
             "What did I say about interrupting my nap time *ahem* very important villain meetings?"        
                                                    "To shut the hell up?"
                      "Watch your mouth young lady, you don't know who am I yet!" 
      Then again, the figure uncover his hood. Batrisyia gasped in shock. It was Uchiha Sasuke standing in front of her. "You, you don't understand the meaning of fire fights fire makes bigger fire do you?" Batrisyia said.                                        
   "I'm stubborn as I am! And plus I'm proud of that! You're just another trouble maker in my evil industry!"
                         "Do you no the consequences of trying to have bad intentions of me?"
                               "No! And I don't want to even KNOW the consequences"
                             "My parents taught me well, and you better watch out for me."
   Sasuke's red eyes stared way from Batrisyia's cold face. He turned his body and leave the area in a nick of a time. "He doesn't know who he is messing with!" Batrisyia mumbled.
                "We really need to escape, I can't stand living here and second now." Domo commented.
                                                          "So do I" Batrisyia murmured.
   Batrisyia swipe off her beads of sweat on her forehead. She corrected her scarf and stared at her wet hands. "Domo get ready were going to escape!" Batrisyia declared. Batrisyia look right and left to see any sign of Sasuke or any guards.

        Batrisyia swing her hand on the air, to absorb water from the air. She bended the water and turned it into Ice Sword. She slashed her sword onto the bars of her prison. Batrisyia's eyes turned blue, so does her outfit. "Domo let's go!" She said as she slashed the bars of his prison. 
        She walked out from the dungeon as she found out Sasuke was not seen, with Domo on her shoulders. She climbed up the stairs to escape. As they were walking.....
          "HA! CAUGHT YOU!" Sasuke's voice thundered on top of the flight of stairs."Domo!! GO NOW!! FIND THE OTHERS!! I'll deal with Sasuke" Batrisyia commanded as she swift her sword on her right side.
                     "I told ya, don't mess with me!" Batrisyia said as she pointed her sword at Sasuke.

Original work: The Great B.A.S
Typed and Edited by: The Great B.A.S